About us

Yaw Donkoh, co-founder of Dodo Pool.

As a child of the world, I was born of Ghanaian parents, grew up in Eswatini, Southern Africa, lived in the United States, Canada and am currently based in Switzerland.
I am an IT and cybersecurity professional with over 15 years global experience across IT Governance, Architecture, Project /Risk Management, Data protection and Privacy.

From an early age, I have been actively involved in projects related to community service, art collection /appreciation, fashion, as well as technology innovation.
I particularly enjoy building powerful partnerships that improve outcomes for children, families, and individuals in need.

I believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities and all human beings should be treated with respect, kindness, and openness.

Frédéric Noyer, co-founder of Dodo Pool.

I am a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant. I am also a father of 2 incredible boys and married to my cherished wife, who takes care of all these boys (+ our two cats 😉).

I have been following Cardano since 2017. Between all the projects, I am convinced by Cardano and its leader Charles Hoskinson. I believe in Cardano because it solves real world issues (i.e low fees, fast transaction speed, supports developing countries, eco-friendly, strong team and clear roadmap). Since the beginning, I have been a strong believer.

I am passionate about art; I love visiting museums and art galleries all over the world.
As an artist I began painting in my early twenties. I later went onto develop large scale paintings (oil on canvas) in Firenze 2009-2010 and New York City (2010-2013). I have participated in multiple charity exhibitions in Manhattan, NY, USA.
Back here in my native country Switzerland, I have further developed my art technique using diverse mediums (colour pencil on paper, and recently digital art design). As premium partner of Tokhun.io, I enjoy creating and sharing my art and vision with the wider community.

I want to fight injustice and help children in need. I believe we do not choose where we are born and for that reason, we should all be treated equally, and all have the same opportunities. I am also really concerned about nature preservation (deforestation, ocean-air pollution) and I believe we should act now for our next generation.