Here are answers to some common questions

Is Staking Secure ?

Your staked ADA never leaves the wallet you are delegating from. Therefore, there is no risks assocated with staking.

When do I start receiving rewards?

When the pool produces blocks in an epoch, you receive rewards 10 days later. Rewards are added to your wallet automatically. If you stake with a larger pool you can expect smaller but more frequent rewards, and with a smaller pool rewards are typically larger but less frequent. In both cases, you can expect an overall annual ROA of 5%-6%.

Are there any fees to start staking my ADA?

A small transaction fee (roughly 0.17 ADA) is needed to process your staking request. An additional 2 ADA deposit is required and will be returned to you when you stop staking.

What is the minimum ADA I can stake?

Currently the minimum you can stake is 10 ADA. Rewards are shared proportionately amongst pool delegators, so the more you stake the greater your rewards will be.

Can I easily change staking pools?

Yes, you can switch staking pools any time. The delegation snapshot is epoch-based. So if you change your staking pool halfway through an epoch, your change will take effect at the next epoch.