Staking – Yoroi


On this page you will learn how to install Yoroi, a secure light wallet in which you can hold your ADA currency. You will also learn how to create and fund your wallet, as well as delegate it to [DODO] so you can start earning rewards.

STEP 1: Installation

  1. Download the Yoroi wallet from their official website.
  2. Install and open the wallet on your machine.

After installing the Chrome extension you can navigate to the wallet by clicking the small jigsaw like icon in the top right corner of your browser.

Next click the Yoroi extension from the drop down extensions menu.

STEP 2: Create your wallet

  • Create a new wallet.
  • Select the Cardano currency.
  • Select the Create wallet option.
  • Then give the wallet a name and enter a password which you will use to spend or send ADA when using the wallet.
  • Read, check the box and Continue.
  • Save the word list in a secure offline environment (do not save it on your computer neither in clear text and unencrypted way). These words give access to your wallet to anyone who find it. Do no share or loose them.
  • Proove that you have correctly saved these words and in the specific order how it has been presented to you in the previous screen.
  • Read, check the boxes and confirm.
  • Your Wallet has been created.

STEP 3: Fund your wallet

  • Click on “Receive” tab then copy this address and send funds to it.

STEP 3: Stake your ADA

  • Click the “Delegate List” tab.
  • Search for our pool in the search section “DODO” , then select our pool.
  • Delegate with us by selecting “Delegate”.
  • There is ~2 ADA fees associated with the staking process. Introduce your spending password and click “DELEGATE” button.

Congrats! You are now part of the Dodo family.

Thank you for your support.