What is staking

The Basics of Cardano Staking

One unique feature of the Cardano blockchain is a process called staking. For Cardano investors or ADA owners, staking is an easy way to earn passive income and support the stability of the Cardano network without taking any risks. Your ADA does not leave you wallet and the overall annual ROA (Return On ADA) is between 5% to 6%.

For the stake pool operator (us), your support is essential. Your contribution will enable us to have a chance of being elected by the protocol to mint blocks and receive rewards. To be elected and mint blocks, we must reach the required threshold of aproximatively 150’000 ADA. With every block minted, rewards will be redistributed evenly amongst the delegates.

In order to cover stake pool operational costs (i.e maintaning the cloud infrastructure, etc.), we (the stake pool operator) will deduct the minimum fees allowed by the Cardano protocol (345 ADA).

Staking Fees

The minimum fixed ADA staking fee across the Cardano network is 340 ADA. This is set by the protocol of the blockchain and can’t be any lower. At a minimum, this is what is needed to cover the server costs of running a stake pool.

Pool Margin

The pool margin is a precentage (%) of the total epoch rewards that also goes to the pool operator.


Pledging is an important mechanism that encourages the growth of a healthy ecosystem within the Cardano blockchain. 

Staking is Safe

  • ADA never leaves you wallet
  • ADA is never locked, you can operate without limitations
  • You can unstake at any time
  • Stake rewards are automatically added to the stake pool
  • To stake you don’t need to have a PC running all the time. Staking is not mining!

Staking for Good

We want to help children and families. We do this through partnering with non-profit organizations that are focused on education, fighting injustice, ending poverty and preserving human dignity.

We are commited to supporting charitable programs and noble causes by redistributing 10% of the pool rewards. The delgates rewards will not be affected in any way by this and they will receive their return on ADA as per The Rewards Cycle.

The Rewards Cycle

If you stake your Cardano for a set of time, you will periodically earn a return on your investment in ADA.

Rewards will be delivered to your wallet two epochs after each minted blocks (see the delagation cycle bellow).